Monday Morning Ask Me Anything #3



Happy Monday! We had a productive weekend but I think I over-extended myself and am feeling burnt out this morning! Hoping to take it easy with Flora who is home sick with me today. Answering your ask me anything questions below!

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Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years ?

This is a GREAT question right now. I’ve been thinking about ‘what’s next’ for the last year. After blogging for 11 years it has seemed time for a while to think about how I want to evolve my business. I love helping brands create content and with social media, it allows me to really flex my creative muscles and I hope to continue that consulting, maybe adding another client or two.

But, I’m mostly passionate about helping moms make early motherhood easier and more fun – and this new business that I’m launching will address those challenges. I’ve thought a TON about what I want to do with The Mama Notes and I feel so excited and confident about this new aspect of the business, it’s really what the future is for our family, I think! I can’t wait to share more hopefully this FRIDAY!!!! In 5 years I hope we have an office, at least 2 other team members working with me and are bringing all of the ideas I have right now to life!

Do you have any toddler activities while nursing a newborn?

I was really worried about this when I was pregnant with Flora!!! Check out my responses along with crowd-sourced tips here!

Where do you get your food & craft inspiration from?

I tend to get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest but always try to put my own spin on things. I also read a lot of magazines and catalogs and get the best inspiration going into stores like Paper Source & Anthro and thinking ‘how could I make that myself’ ? I also often just pick up random craft supplies when I’m at the store without a specific project in mind and then pull out a bunch of stuff and have fun getting creative. I find these to be the best kind of projects, kind of how these rainbows happened!

Did you have a double stroller for when Flora was born?

We didn’t have one until she was older and could sit up independently. I don’t love the one we used but I do love the Thule that we have now. When Flora was an infant I would wear her and put Piper in the stroller if we were out and about and needed a stroller.

Do you guys live in your forever home?

Nope! Now that I have my dream kitchen we will be here a while, but it’s going to be tight with the 2 small bedrooms (and closets) we have for soon to be 3 kiddos. I think once we work on renovating our lower level (it’s a split level) to make it more functional (our next project after the kitchen & dining nook is done) it will be a HUGE game changer and make me love our home more! You can see my inspo board on Pinterest for that here!

What do you do after your kids go to bed?

I usually work for a little bit, like 30-45 minutes these days now that I’m pregnant and then take my nightly shower & do my skincare routine. Get in bed and read or browse Pinterest for ideas. We also watch TV, I mainly do that on the weekends. I’m watching The Stranger & The Pharmacist right now. And I just started reading The Silent Patient which is so good!

How will you continue to kill it with the work from home game with a newborn?! Nanny?

My current debacle is figuring out childcare for the fall!! I’m planning on taking the summer really low-key when it comes to work and am actually starting to work on content NOW to save up and share after the baby is born. I had major issues in postpartum with Flora and the biggest stressor was being expected to work while caring for her, so I’m really hoping that we can get a part-time nanny or my mom retires :) so I have at least 2-3 solid days to work a week. I am also likely going to have Flora at pre-school M-F for the mornings. I also remind myself it’s just a phase!!! Since this will be our last baby I really want to soak in that special newborn time with my other girls who will be home from school, too.

Are you finding out the gender for baby #3?

Nope!! It’s going to be a surprise this time and I’m so excited! I haven’t ordered any clothes but need to start picking out a few new gender neutral newborn outfits :) I’m really feeling like it’s a boy. Austin 100% thinks it’s a girl and Piper goes back and forth. Today she said “it’s a darling girl baby” :)





Monday Morning Ask Me Anything #3



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