Tips For Giving Your Infant A Bath

I’ll never remember how nervous I was to give Piper her first bath. It was a team effort with my mom and husband and we followed what my grandmother had taught my mom. Gently using a washcloth and warm water on Piper’s eyes and face, cotton balls around her eyes. We cranked up the heat (albeit it was July) and took a million photos. Though each bath from there out was easier it was still always a nerve wracking and stressful process the first few months. I polled The Mama Notes community for their best infant bath tips and really wish I had this resource as a first time mom! 

When to give your baby their first bath? Most medical experts agree that as tempting as it is… you should really wait until their umbilical cord falls off before giving a proper bath. 

Tips For Giving Your Infant A Bath

Space heater in the bathroom half an hour before bath time. Heat the bathroom to hot hot temps, so when you undress your newborn they aren’t so angry

Get a tub you can put into the big bathtub!

Use a washcloth to act as a blanket to keep them warm as days get cooler!

Mustela no-rinse Micellar water, a soft cute animal sponge to make sponge baths more fun, and two people tag teaming the bath!

Have everything ready for after the bath before you run the water.

Laying a clean towel down on the floor on top of the bathroom rug, so they are not on the hard floor. then putting their baby towel on top of the other towel, so you can just lay your wet baby down after the bath and not deal with trying to hold a squirming, wet baby.

The Puj Tub is amazing! Also recommend the Munchkin blow-up rubber ducky when they’re a bit older but the full tub is still too much room.
Have everything ready for when you get them out of the bath. Towels are right there. Jammies are out and ready.
When my husband gives our 3.5 month old a bath he always puts a warm washcloth over her tummy and will re-soak it a few times throughout to keep her comfortable.
Have a small bin right next to wear you are bathing the little one and use a 3m hook to hang the towel (especially if it is in the kitchen) – makes everything so much easier!
Shnuggle baby bath tub from Amazon has a butt bump so the tiny babe doesn’t slip. A lot easier to bathe on your own. For the first month however, the sink with towels in it was the easiest for me.
Use Mustela foam soap!! Lathers super easy!
The Skiphop whale for rinsing hair is a game changer! No more water in eyes!
I try to make it a relaxing time, leave the water running in the sink to keep warm. Also pay attention to under the neck and behind the ears where milk can get stuck.



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