Winter Amazon Favorites For The Family



All the best Amazon Prime products we love to use during these bitter cold winter months – everything for you, your home and your kids! 


For you: 

The best snow boots EVER – I’ve had mine for years!! 

The only thing that will keep my lips hydrated this time of year is this overnight sleep mask + lanolin

This sinus rinse has saved me during my recent sickness. I was nervous at first, but it was a game changer.

This body oil is amazing on dull, dry winter skin and I love that you can spray it on. 

As soon as you feel a sore throat coming on — stock up on these elderberry cough drops with zinc!


For kids: 

These toddler PJs are soooo cozy. We got them in November and have been wearing them non-stop and they are under $20! 

 Toddler snow mittens (come in tons of colors)+ snow pants for winter  fun. 

The girls each have one of these air purifiers in their rooms and they double as night lights – and offer great white noise, too. 

If you have an infant this winter car seat cover is a life saver, we used it for months last year when Flora was born! 

We also loved this infant bathtub for the cold months! 

This fleece sleep sack is perfect for your crib-sleeping toddlers who kick off their covers! Piper wore this from 1- 2 years during the winter before she moved into her toddler bed. It’s so cozy and great if you worry about your little one being cold in the crib. 

And this is the soft quilted muslin sleep suit that Flora has been wearing to sleep since the fall. 


For home: 

Austin got me an electric tea kettle for Christmas and it’s been AMAZING! We drink so much tea in our house and this makes it so easy! Great for pour-over or French press coffee, too! 

We love this humidifier and these humidifier fish that keep the water clean! 

We just got this Golden Milk to sip this winter. 

After battling with quilts and duvet covers for years we FINALLY found one that we love – well Austin found it. While I love, love love a down comforter during the winter we always found them to just be too hot. So Austin found this super affordable comforter on Amazon (it has over 7k reviews)- and let me say my expectations weren’t high. But it turns out we LOVE this lightweight comforter. It’s the perfect weight to keep you warm but not get over heated. 




Winter Amazon Favorites For The Family



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