Baby Sleep & Awake Time Chart

Continuing with the sleep theme this month (March is National Sleep Awareness Month) today I’m so excited to share the sleep schedule that we try to stick to with Flora¬† – we also used something similar with Piper and it’s worked so well for us. As I’ve mentioned before the key to getting your baby to nap and bed is to be sure they aren’t over tired! Every sleep expert I’ve talked to has said the same thing and it just rings so true for us. As you know I’ve been trying out the Nanit monitor and someone from their PR team sent over a link to this cool sleep schedule generator that they launched –you can plug in your baby’s details and get a custom schedule made for you, pretty cool. Right now we are trying to keep Flora up for 1.5 hours at a time.¬† You can get a custom schedule for your baby HERE !

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