Flora’s 3 Month Update




Time’s a’ flying! Ps – here’s Piper’s 3 month update for fun!


Flora is 13 lbs! I can’t believe it! She’s wearing 3-6 month clothing for the most part. She’s just so chubby and I love all of her little rolls. Piper was always so petite so it’s fun to have a bigger baby!


Flora is still exclusively breast fed and nursing every 2-3 hours during the day. And…she happily takes a bottle now!! Her spit ups seem to be a little bit better (knock on wood) lately and she seems to have grown out of her reflux, I haven’t noticed it bothering her in the past few weeks.


I feel like Flora’s developed and changed so much in the past month. She had our first belly laugh while her grandparents were watching her and is so smiley! She’s always cooing and making noises and Piper’s always trying to figure out what she has to say! Flora loves laying on her back on a blanket under her play gym. She’s started grasping things and is very interested in looking in the mirror. She is so strong and has been pushing off of us and it seems like she’s trying to roll over when she’s laying on her back, hopefully this won’t happen TOO soon, I’m not ready to give up the swaddle yet! She’s holding her head pretty independently now and I’ve even begun to carry her around on my hip!


We are continuing with a loose version of the Babywise method — and I’ve been trying to push her wake time to 1.5 -2 hours now. She has started getting up a little earlier some mornings, likely because she’s going to bed earlier. And — she’s taking all of her naps in the crib when I’m home! When Austin or our babysitter is here she sometimes has a harder time napping in the crib for some reason. You can read my tips for nap training here. She also usually won’t take her last nap of the day around 5 or 6 in the crib, I almost always rock her to sleep and then put her in the swing while we are getting dinner ready.

Flora is still sleeping through the night – I nurse her around 8pm and then put her down. Some nights its a little later depending on what we are doing but I’ve been able to push her bedtime up from 9pm and I’m so excited about it!


Here are a few things we are loving in month three with Flora — some repeats from last month and a few new additions.

Zoe Organics Everything Balm: LIFESAVER for Flora’s eczema. It’s really working so well for us and I notice a difference within hours after I apply it.

Nuk Simply Natural Bottles + Comotomo Bottles: These seem to be the bottles that helped with the introduction of the bottle and are supposed to be similar to the breast.

Avent Manual Hand Pump: I got so many questions about if having a hand pump is necessary and my answer is YES! I couldn’t live without it and use it all the time! I had a Medela one with Piper but my friend suggested this one and I think it’s so much better, definietly worth the investment.

Breastmilk Storage Organizer: A reader suggested this and I’m so glad she did! I’m kicking myself for not having it with Piper as it would have saved so much space in our freezer.

Finn & Emma Play Gym : We love this because it can move from room to room – right now Flora likes to lay in her Dock-A-Tot under it or just on a blanket.

Play Gym Mat: Flora loves to lay on this and look at the different toys and the mirror.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Diaper Bag: I just started using this and love it! I love the structure of the bag, all of the compartments and how organized it stays. I like how it feels when you wear it as a backpack more than the Fawn bag (it sticks out so far).

Mustela No Rinse Cleanser: I used this with Piper because she spit up so much and it’s been great again to wipe down Flora with between baths.

Solly Wrap: I’ve been using this daily around the house and when we venture out! I couldn’t live without it.

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Flora’s 3 Month Update



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