Best Gifts For Teachers, Co-Workers Or Your Boss



Instead of going the generic gift card route (guilty) – this year I’m hoping to put a little more thought into what I get Piper & Flora’s teachers. My mom and sister are both teachers and I have the most vivid memories of going through alllll of my mom’s holiday gifts from her students every Christmas. There were always different baked treats, funny handmade tokens of appreciation & cheesy apple teacher ornaments. So I asked my mom and sister to share some ideas of gifts they have personally loved and I did some research to come up with this list of the best gifts for teachers. I hope you find it helpful! I also stuck co-workers & your boss into this category because almost all of the gifts seem relevant for both!

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My sister said:

I do always love the super random stuff the kids pick out like my hand soap from Teddy that was “…the best smelling one at Wegmans” and the bag of kiwis Bennett gave me because I ate a bunch of them in my lunch that year. 

And my mom, “Mostly I love heartfelt cards, especially from the kids with whatever funny thoughts they have. I got a gift card to a hat store once because they noticed I wore hats, and headbands one year for the same reason.” 

  1. Playground duty calls for COLD HANDS – treat your teacher to a splurge worthy pair of mittens that will keep their hands warm all winter. Here’s a nice more affordable option, too!
  2. Personalized notepads and notecards are always nice for a co-worker, boss or teacher. And I personally love this notepad meal planner so much!
  3. Plant – for the office or classroom (you can even get this one on Amazon in the planter ready to go)!
  4. For teachers, hand-washing all day means dry skin, a nice hand lotion to keep in the classroom is a simple but thoughtful idea.
  5. And for the ultimate luxury — Barefoot dreams socks!
  6. Cozy blanket (this is a cult favorite, and has over 1k reviews) and either gourmet coffee or tea is appreciated by almost everyone!
  7. Mini Diffuser – For the co-worker (or teacher) who needs to take a deep breath and chill!
  8. Gift for the classroom – something that a teacher may not have in their budget, like a large set of Magnatiles.
  9. Minted has a ton of great options for personalized notebooks and note cards, too!
  10. Stay On Track Notebook: This was one of my favorite purchases of the year and has done wonders for my organization!
  11. Truffle Pouches are the BEST. An investment yes, but they are great for keeping makeup at work, stashing in your bag for the commute and for travel.
  12. A Yeti mug is also a great idea since teacher’s don’t have the opportunity to leave the classroom frequently. And works for co-workers or a boss, too!
  13. Sweet Treats – Milk Bar cookies, See’s Chocolates or Charbonnel Walker are my favorites!
  14. Wine – an obvious choice! Everyone loves wine. I loved when we were members of Winc wine club -the labels are always so cute and we didn’t get a bad bottle.
  15. Cup Of Cheer Dishtowel– Pair this with a cute mug or wine glasses and a gift card!

And then a note about the ever popular category: Gift Cards.

Gift cards – Think outside the box a little (my sister, a teacher said she gets a million Starbucks cards throughout the year) — maybe to a movie theatre or local restaurant! Or something of personal interest to the teacher. Other great gift ideas that work for teachers, caregivers, co-workers and more: massage, manicure, local experience (wine tasting, or museum).

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Best Gifts For Teachers, Co-Workers Or Your Boss


  1. Jennifer Jaynes Ferran says:

    Please do a gift guide for the grandparents! :)

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