Big Changes!



We have some BIG news to share in the Kruse household! After years of working hard and getting his masters and watching the girls so I could work – Austin got a new job!!

This is something I’ve been wanting and hoping for YEARS. It means so much change to our daily schedule and I know it’s going to be a big adjustment for everyone but I really could not be more excited for this next chapter.

It means that Austin will be working M-F and be home in time for dinner and bedtime. It means Piper won’t have to say “see you tomorrow” when she goes off to school. It offers stability and the opportunity for a routine. While at the same time removes some of the flexibility we’ve been used to the past few years (hello my little trip to Paris, countless work trips during the week and the ability to take off work when he wanted).

It also means FAMILY WEEKENDS!!!! The opportunity to hopefully connect with more friends, ENTERTAIN and be able to do alllll the fun fall and holiday stuff together. It means Austin will get to watch soccer games and gymnastic classes! I’m really excited about this.

But, change is also hard for me! As excited as I am, saying good bye to a chapter of our lives is always bittersweet. As hard as it was for me the last 4 years to have this routine (I thrive off of a schedule- which we really haven’t had in 4 years) and work pressure the flexibility and having Austin home a lot was really nice while our girls are little.

I try to celebrate allllll the occasions in life, how big or small and this ruffle dress from Walmart with a glass of Prosecco was just the thing we needed (wearing these sandals, too). As you know I’ve been partnering with Walmart this year to share some of my favorite fashion finds – it takes some digging on their site but there are some serious GEMS – like this Straw Tote and these Espadrilles! I’ve been finding a lot of these pieces within the We Dress America landing page!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.




Big Changes!



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