Favorite Clean Beauty Products Lately!



A few months ago I asked about what kind of content you wanted to see and many of you said clean beauty ! I loved hearing this. When I was pregnant and nursing my clean beauty routine was much more strict than it is now but over the past few years I’ve tried to get better and better about using safer products. Because I test a lot of beauty products to share here on the site, I don’t think I will be ever be 100% clean – I also know that clean beauty products do come with a price which can make it hard to do at once. My goal is use 80% toxin-free products and 100% for my girls. So – here are a few products I’m loving right now! PS- here’s our guide to pregnancy safe skincare!

First up is Kosas Cream Bronzer & Highlighter. I LOVE this product and have been wearing it every day this summer when I don’t want to spend a ton of time on my makeup. I love the natural glow it gives, how it makes your skin look dewy without being greasy and that it lasts all day!

I also love the formula of Kjaer Weis cream blush. It’s really pigmented but blends in so well and naturally.

Next– I’ve been testing BeautyCounter’s new CounterTime line that just launched yesterday for the past week. While I loooove the oil cleanser and the heavy duty nighttime moisturizer, the hero item to me is the serum. Finally, there’s an amazing serum on the market that absorbs quickly, works under your makeup and has the fighting power of a retinol WITHOUT THE CHEMICALS OF A RETINOL!!! It’s really an amazing product fueled by Bakuchiol which you may have been hearing buzz about lately for its power to fight fine lines, naturally. The best part about this is you can combat aging skin when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding with this serum!! Game changer. I feel like I can already see a difference in my overall complexion after a week of using it with the Supreme Cream. I also swear by their concealer pen and have used it for years!!

W3ll People Bio Brightening Setting Powder– I LOVE this powder in the summer when it’s hot and humid. I use it as a primer on my eye lids, applying it over top of my concealer before eyeshadow and it makes it last all day. And then I do a light dusting of it over my entire face before I put on my mascara and eyebrow products! I’ve also been liking their eyeshadow palette!

Young Living Satin Mint Face Scrub – you know I sell and love YL products but people have been raving about this mint scrub for ages and I finally decided to include it in a monthly order. It’s AMAZING for summer! I love the minty fresh scent and how smooth and soft it leaves your skin! I use it once a week!




Favorite Clean Beauty Products Lately!



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