The Best Spots To Visit In Europe With Kids



If you know me, you know I’m always dreaming and scheming a way to get to Europe. My goal is to go once a year – sometimes it happens and sometimes (this year) it doesn’t but, it’s nice to have a dream and goal to work towards. I recently posted on Instagram asking about bringing kids to Europe or leaving them at home. And while most of you suggested my next trip be sans-kiddos there was an overwhelming request to share kid-friendly places to visit in Europe with your family.

So here are ALL of your suggestions of where to travel in Europe with young kids!

Overview of top picks:

Switzerland, Italy, London, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland. NOTE: Only two people suggested France (tear)!

Italy – (no brainer for me and my top choice!) Tuscany along with Positano/Amalfi coast were suggested many times. Cup Of Jo has a great post about her trip with kids to Italy. Rome and Southern Italy were also suggested as being particularly kid-friendly. Peak travel season in Italy is June – August when it will be crowded, expensive and hot (in most places). When traveling with kids if you can avoid those months (I think Spring break would be ideal) you’ll be better off! Check out Ciao Bambino which is a family centered travel agency and also has a ton of great (free) resources on their blog for planning a trip with kids to Italy!

Switzerland – Switzerland was another highly suggested country to visit with young children. With abundant natural beauty, a great rail system (children under 16 travel for free with an adult who has purchased a rail pass), plenty of gorgeous parks, hiking and museums there are tons of possibilities for a family fun vacation. If you don’t follow Lynzy already she has taken 2 really incredible trips with her family to Europe and has great resources. Last year they went to Switzerland, Austria & Germany .

London- As with most large cities, London offers an amazing variety of activities for children and the lack of a language barrier makes it a little easier to navigate. Babyccino Kids has a great city guide full of information on traveling to London with kids! This website also has a HUGE list of kid-friendly attractions in London!

Amsterdam- Amsterdam is an easy to navigate city and children will love the canals that weave through the city almost as much as the world famous playgrounds !

Spain- Options are endless with a visit to Spain – from the countryside to the coast. The culture in Spain is just incredible and I really hope to take my girls one day.

Other bits:

I always love to follow along with Lauren Wells on her worldly adventures, most of which now include her toddler! You can also check out the tips she shared for traveling internationally when pregnant with us here!

Aspiring Kennedy is another great website full of family friendly travel ideas, written by Lauren who is an expat living in London (jealous)!

Image via Kid & Coe

Kid & Coe is an amazing resource for renting kid-friendly homes across the globe.

For more posts on my travels to Europe check out these posts: How To Spend 3 Days In Paris, A 24 Hour Guide To Venice, Why You Should Take A Vacation Without Your Kids.




The Best Spots To Visit In Europe With Kids


  1. Janna C says:

    I don’t think London was very kid-friendly for kids under 4, hard to navigate with a stroller and crowded during the summer. That said we had an awesome time with our 3 year old in nearby Kent, full of big gardens, castles and kid friendly garden pubs (some with playgrounds) and the seaside towns near Dover. Surprised Sweden and Norway didn’t make the list, they are both very kid friendly, high chairs everywhere, car seats in taxis and lots of kid friendly activities.

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