Flora’s 5 Month Update

Now that we’ve settled into our Eczema + allergy routine (update on ALL that here) Flora’s been a much happier gal and I’ve been much less stressed! She’s back to sleeping through the night (most of the time) and is so active! This stage is so much fun.

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Flora is just over 14lbs and 25 inches long. We just had a follow up weight check yesterday and she’s grown a little in both length and weight so we are going to keep doing what we are doing for now as our doctor was Ok with this growth rate.


I’ve had success with increasing my milk supply (full post on that here) and I’m nursing Flora every 3 hours except for during the night. She feeds every time she gets up from a nap and we continue to give her a 5oz bottle of pumped milk before putting her to bed and she isn’t fed during the night. We will be introducing solids (starting with fruits and veggies) at 6 months per our allergist’s recommendation. I’m admittedly nervous about it but excited to get creative in the kitchen with baby food recipes, again!


So many changes with Flora’s development this month! She’s rolling from front to back all the time and loves to play on her Gathre mat both with us or Piper and independently. She’s really pushing up on her arms and looking all around! She loves to grab the toys hanging on her mobile on her play gym and constantly has something in her mouth. She’s very interested in her teethers and likes holding them on her own. I recently started to make some sensory bags for her and look forward to starting more sensory activities this summer. She’s really holding her head and neck on her own and tripoding on the floor – I think she’ll be sitting up soon!


We are finally in a great nap routine! Flora takes 2 naps every day consistently and usually they are 2 hours each. Around 5pm she is about ready for another nap but usually fights it so we’ve been putting her down a little earlier to bed around 7 or 7:30pm. She wakes up most days at 6am sleeping a full 11 hours at night. We started doing a nightly bath which has been a nice change to the routine. Flora naps in her Merlin Suit (it really is magical!!!) and is just wearing a sleeper with hand covers (so she can’t scratch her Eczema) at night, no sleep sack. She rolls onto her side or belly to sleep at night.


GATHRE MATS: Couldn’t live without these!

Flora’s still really liking her play gym.

She’s been sitting in her Stokke Steps Bouncer on the table happily during meal time or while we are cooking.

Flora loves this orange teether from Comotomo.




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