France Themed Activities For Kids



Now that we’ve been stuck in our house since March I’m craving adventure more than ever and decided to put together a little virtual trip to France this week! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and had so much fun putting these activities together for our weekly boxes over the weekend. My goal is to do one a day to keep it simple! Here’s what I have planned!

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First be sure to print off a pretend passport and write out an itinerary for your trip! I got this idea from my friend, Mandy of Momma Society. She has a highlight on Instagram full of great travel inspired ideas to different countries!

Yogurt Cake: We are going to bake the yogurt cake from the book Brining Up Bebe which I first posted about years ago here. It’s a recipe that kids in France grow up baking and are often able to make it independently by age 3! I made these recipe cards to use with your kids who can’t read yet which I hope will be fun!

Playdough Bakery Invitation To Play: I always try to include a playdough set up in our weekly boxes, for our France themed week I put together items to use in a pretend bakery. I will help the girls make croissants, too! I made a batch of our go-to playdough and added a tiny bit of brown food coloring to use for the croissants. The Eiffel Tower tray is from this tea set we have.

Eiffel Tower Block Building: We are going to build an Eiffel tower from our block collection. I’m going to set it up downstairs on our train table and hope the girls will get creative after and create a city. I printed off a picture of the Eiffel tower to include in the box so they can look at it as we build.

Dot-A-Dot Worksheets: I found these cute French themed dot-a-dot worksheets on Pinterest that I printed off. I also made a little counting worksheet with French themed pictures.

Petit Déjeuner: We are going to have the traditional simple French breakfast of croissants, juice and coffee (for me). We have frozen croissants from Trader Joe’s and I picked up these crescent rolls that Flora can eat. Ask Alexa to play ‘French Coffee Shop’ music for a fun touch!

Imaginary Play Boulagerie: I’m most excited about the little Boulagerie I set up for the girls using our Ikea play kitchen!! I’ll write a dedicated post to how I set it up – but I included the menu and sign in the printables you can get here. I ordered this faux bread set from Amazon along with these felt cupcakes. We already have the cute Plan Toys wooden cake stand which is sold out but this one is similar!

Eiffel Tower Crafts: I cut Eiffel tower shapes out of cardboard for the girls to decorate (I struggled with this and suggest printing off a template from Pinterest and using an xacto knife to cut). We are also going to create Eiffel towers out of straws, using glue and construction paper to complete the project. I’m going to have Piper practice measuring to figure out the lengths she needs to cut the straws and Flora will probably just practice her cutting skills for this one!

Picnic Lunch: It wouldn’t be a trip to France without a picnic lunch! I’m excited for this one :) Grab a blanket, picnic basket, baguette and some cheese and head outside!

Screen Time:
Here are the shows I have queued up to watch this week:

Plan on watching this video before we do anything with the Eiffel Tower and this Nat Geo Kids France Episode .

And we are going to go on a few Virtual Paris Museum Visits !




France Themed Activities For Kids


  1. Alyssa says:

    Amazing ideas AGAIN! Thank you so much for sharing your creative activities — they’re life-savers :)

  2. Marisa says:

    Love these ideas! A perfect addition would be a family read aloud of The Story of Diva and Flea by Mo Willems, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. It’s set in Paris and has to die for illustrations.

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