Holiday Gift Guide Babies 0-12 Months



Gift guide season is HERE! I live for putting together these gift guides. While it takes many hours and lots of cups of coffee they are so fun for me to work on….and to kick things off we are starting with the little babies! And you can click right on over here for Gifts for Babies 12-24 Months and gifts for 2-4 year old kids! Next week we’ll continue with gifts for adults, teachers and then all the fun stocking stuffers and Amazon finds after that :)  Our HOLIDAY SHOP is also going to be up next week!

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  1. Cuddle & Kind Dolls: We love these sweet dolls that give back and they are so soft & cuddly!
  2. Black & White Art Cards: Did you know babies only see in black & white the first few months? These high contrast cards are great for their developing eyes!
  3. Velvet Hair Bows: Perfect for the holiday season and winter months…and great for all ages!
  4. Wooden Play Gym: Babies LOVE these! Perfect until they start rolling over and this one is so pretty it’s not an eyesore in your living room and you can hang other things on the wooden bar!
  5. EZPZ Silicone Mats: These are the best feeding plates when you start on solids!
  6. SkipHop Play Mats: We have these and I can’t suggest them enough! They are so pretty in any room of your house!
  7. Textured Balls For Infants: Flora loves playing with balls right now and I’m getting these for her stocking!
  8. Leap Frog Activity Center: Flora (11 months) has been obsessed with her sister’s activity center for months now & I think this will last us a while still since she’s now standing on her own.
  9. Baby Einstein High Contrast Soft Blocks: My girls are all about blocks and these look so fun for a variety of ages!
  10. Mini Silk Scarves: These have been hit with both of my girls! I loved putting them in a tissue box and letting them pull them out once they started sitting up and they are fun for dancing with at any age :)
  11. Manhattan Toy Natural Teether & Rattle: These are SO fun once your babe starts to sit up!
  12. Baby’s First Block Set: You can never have too many blocks, this is a great colorful first set for your baby to practice her knocking over skills on!
  13. Unicorn Teething Bracelet: This is such a genius idea!  This brand makes a lot of really fun baby toys.
  14. Reindeer Hat: Because when will you ever get to dress your child in a reindeer hat again?
  15. Atom Rattle & Teether: For the baby who has everything… a new noise making rattle is never a bad idea!

2018 Holiday Gift Guides



Holiday Gift Guide Babies 0-12 Months



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