Holiday Gift Guide Kids Age 2-4



This is probably my favorite age group to put gift guides together for — most likely because Piper is now almost 3 1/2 and so fun to shop for! You can check out gifts for babies 0-12 months here and for kids 12-24 months here! The only thing missing from this guide is BOOKS!! I ran out of space for them  and have so many ideas to share. I may put together a big post with all our favorite books for gifting in the next few weeks! And be sure to check out gifts for new or expecting mamas right here!

  1. Butterfly Wings: Dress up is finally happening ( I feel like I waited forever for this stage of play) and these wings are beautiful!
  2. Tiger Noise Maker: These music makers are fun for all ages and will be used for years to come.
  3. Star Crayons: Great stocking stuffer and are great for little hands.
  4. Janod Balance Bike: Most likely the cutest bike you’ll ever see! Piper just got a balance bike and is LOVING it so far!
  5. Flower Press: I used to have one of these growing up and loved to press flowers and leaves, I can’t wait to give one to Piper this Christmas – I think she’ll love it!
  6. Cape & Mask: This super girl mask is so fun!
  7. Tea Set: Around age 2 Piper got really into having tea parties and it’s still something I love to play with her. We have 3 tea sets at our house but this porcelain one is so adorable.
  8. Color Changing Markers: Another great stocking stuffer idea – ordering for Piper! I think I had this exact set growing up!
  9. Alphabet Puzzle: We have and love this puzzle, it’s just so pretty.
  10. Moluk Bilibo: Don’t ask me about the name… but my sister (who just got her Masters in Early Childhood Education) got Piper one of these last year and it’s so fun. Great for rainy days and inspiring creativity!
  11. Wooden Coffee Maker: I think every toy kitchen NEEDS a coffee maker, am I right?
  12. Where’s Bear?: This age is so great for introducing group games. This is on my list for Piper & Flora this year!
  13. Ukulele: We have a wooden Ukulele that Piper’s very into playing these days.. I love that this one comes in a ton of different colors!
  14. Nailmatic Nail Polish: We have and love these water-based nail polishes! They last about two days (or until your kid takes a bath).
  15. Bedtime Bunny: Piper got this game of choice last year for Christmas and it’s such a sweet game to play before bed.
  16. Wood Magic Doodle Board: Have you ever seen a prettier magnateic drawing board? You can get 15% off too with the code THEMAMANOTES on anything from Petit Collage!
  17. Solid Tempra Paint Sticks: Piper used these in her 2’s classroom a lot and I gave her some for Christmas last year, they are great to have at home for crafts and a really nice alternative for paint on those days when you are feeling lazy!
  18. Magnetic Space Scene: We have this and it’s really fun – all of the magnetic scenes from Petit Collage are so pretty – and again you can get 15% off anything from Petit Collage with code THEMAMANOTES at check out!
  19. Sleeping Bag: This bag is toooo cute!!! Great for school age kids who need a cozy spot to nap, for sleepovers and play at home!

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Holiday Gift Guide Kids Age 2-4


  1. Erin Ens says:

    Hi! Where is the sleeping bag from?

  2. Sara says:

    Yes, would love the link for the sleeping bag! Do you think it would work in a crib for a two year old? I’d love a post on when to add bedding for a toddler while still sleeping in a crib or maybe you just wait until you change it into a toddler bed?

  3. Demi says:

    Hi: where is the sleeping bag from?

  4. Elham says:

    Looks like you left off item 19?? Love your guides!

  5. Nelle says:

    Hi! I didn’t see the sleeping bag linked?

  6. katey says:

    lots of amazing ideas! Just added a bunch to my daughters amazon wish list :) thank you!

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