Holiday Gift Guide Kids 12-24 Months



Continuing our holiday gift guide with fun options for the pre- toddler phase! Those little babies aren’t so little anymore but they aren’t quite in full-on toddler mode just yet! Here are some of our favorites — and you can check out gifts for babies 0-12 months here and kids 2-4 here! And all our favorite holiday PJs for the fam right this way!

  1. What Should I Wear’ Book: Kids this age love interactive books – anything to get them interested in reading!
  2. Cuddle & Kind Doll: We love these sweet dolls that give meals to children in need and the new polar bear is so sweet. They are such good quality, too.
  3. French Breakfast Toy Food: IS THIS NOT THE CUTEST PLAY FOOD EVER? This will be under our tree!
  4. Hape Play Kitchen: We gave Piper her toy kitchen when she was 1.5 years old and I think it was the best age! It’s still used nearly every day in our house and this one is a nice change from the Ikea one everyone (including us) has for a great price!
  5. Shape Sorter: Both of my girls love these – Flora’s still a little young to get it but she loves playing with the parts.
  6. Wooden Shopping Cart: A lot of moms in our community have suggested this cute toy cart – great for kids who are just starting to walk, too!
  7. Corolle Water Baby: My mom got this water baby for Piper last year (her name is Clara…. it’s when the Nutcracker obsession was in full swing) and it’s been a big hit! She loves brining her into the bath!
  8. Baby Push Walker: I’ll never tire of babies learning to walk and pushing these things! This one looks really fun with all the toys attached and I love the colors.
  9. STICKERS: This is the age that kids start REALLY getting into stickers. We love keeping these rolls of them in our craft closet and they are always a forgotten ‘surprise’ whenever I bring them out!
  10. Easel: Love a neutral easel and this one has a roll for paper up top!
  11. Wooden Bead Maze: I think we have a total of 3 of these toys around our house and they never get old!
  12. Nod Chair: These chairs are on my wish list for the girls, they are just so cute and come in so many beautiful patterns!
  13. Dream Big, Little One: Obsessed with these books and have a few different ones in my Amazon cart right now!
  14. Water Table: This age is SO fun for water tables! We have one that my dad built and love filling it with different things year round.
  15. TeePee: These are so fun for a playroom or living room. You can make a reading nook and let it be a special spot for your kids to get cozy!

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Holiday Gift Guide Kids 12-24 Months



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