Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover



Our Ikea play kitchen makeover is finally here! We got Piper this Ikea ‘Duktig’ kitchen for her 1st Christmas – I loved the neutral, simple design and you can’t beat the price (recently lowered to $80)! There are a ton of Ikea play kitchen hacks on Pinterest – people have really transformed them and while they are beautiful I knew I didn’t want to invest a ton of time or money on this part of our larger playroom makeover. So with a few simple additions I think we really transformed the kitchen! I’m working with Emily of mStarr Design who helped me bring this to life!

The only changes we really made were to add a faux tile backsplash + swap out the hardware! Can you believe how different it looks? I thought about adding knobs on the stove but couldn’t easily find any that fit so I just left it as is. I was also planning to under-mount the sink and spray paint the faucet but didn’t get around to either!

I honestly messed up the backsplash right before we had to photograph this – I’m really NOT that great at DIY projects that require precision. But what I did was apply the peel & stick tile to a white foam core board, cut it to fit the back and nail it on. You can see there’s a little tiny gap at the bottom where the board meets the counter because I didn’t get a sharp enough cut. I’d suggest trimming your board to the perfect fit, then adding your peel & stick tile and trimming the edges really carefully.

You can order any hardware you want – just be sure it fits the same measurements as the handles that came with the kitchen so you don’t have to drill new holes. I had actually replaced the bottom two handles with simple silver ones when we assembled the kitchen years ago.

The girls have been using the kitchen SO much more since we did this little face lift. We brought it upstairs to photograph it and it’s been in use non-stop for both of them. It will be going back downstairs – and I can’t wait to share the rest of the kitchen and “restaurant” area soon!

All the sources are linked below!

Play Kitchen: Ikea Duktig
Peel & Stick Tile: Amazon
Black Drawer Pulls: Amazon (5 inch spacing)
Pink Wooden Pots & Pans: Amazon
Gray Wooden Pots & Pans: Magnolia Collection from Target
Play Eggs: Target Dollar Bin (similar linked here)
Pink Canister: Anthropologie
White Planter: Target Dollar Bin
Scrubber: Target kitchen aisle (similar linked here)




Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover


  1. Nicole says:

    I did a similar makeover to my daughters ikea kitchen. I also messed up with my tile backsplash and ended up with an uneven gap at the bottom. To fix, I bought a $3 tube of white kitchen caulking from Home Depot. Totally did the trick and now it looks so seamless. Love your makeover!

  2. Brigitte McRae says:

    Love this! Even my interior designer hubby looked at it and said “nice!”. One step closer to getting a play kitchen for the kiddies (he’s always been anti lol)

  3. Mary K says:

    Beautiful!! We are about to redo ours for our daughters Christmas. How many packages of the backsplash did you buy? I see where each pack has four sheets but didn’t know if that would be enough?

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