Kitchen Reno Update #1



Our first UPDATE post since we’ve started construction on our kitchen!!! I’m pretty excited about all of this but understand if you’re not into home renovation you can happily SKIP reading these :) See all the design plans HERE!

Every week I’m going to be sharing an update on the site or Instagram stories! Next week I’ll be sharing a deep look at our BUDGET which has been a popular question!

Today – lets talk progress. In case you forgot here’s what our kitchen looked during sunrise of DEMO day (hence the not ideal lighting).

I could not wait to get going on this DEMO!!!!

What We’ve Done:

  • Ordered cabinets
  • Ordered counters
  • Ordered floor tile (LOTS OF QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR TILE! It’s locally sourced and this the brand though I sadly can’t find the exact tile online I think it may be discontinued).
  • Removed entire subfloor that needed to come up
  • Removed large picture window at end of the kitchen, framed it in preparation for the new window and began to drywall the wall
  • Plumbing rough in DONE
  • Electrical rough in DONE

Next Immediate Steps:

  • Electrical inspection TODAY
  • Finish patching all of the drywall after inspection
  • Then our focus moves onto FLOOR so we can be ready for the cabinet install on November 4th!!!!!
  • I need to finalize lighting, order backsplash tile, and 2nd knob options


We decided to splurge on having the Ikea cabinets installed in ONE day versus trying to do it ourselves. We know that we COULD but it would take a lot longer than 1 day and just seemed to be worth the price to have an Ikea contractor do it!

We are DOING the floor ourselves. My dad is meticulous with is work and I have no doubt we will get it completely even. And I actually enjoy tiling!!!

We have run into 2 potential issues so far. One being that the gas line may need to be shifted a few inches. I’m PRAYING this is not the case and everything can be installed exactly according to our plans.

The other issue came up with electric when the wall was opened up where our thermostat was moved – we have to do some configuring for the air flow to not pass over the outlet box but should hopefully be an easy fix.

Feeling VERY grateful that these are the minor issues we’ve had so far. And also very grateful for all of my dad’s hard work!!!!

Kitchen Reno



Kitchen Reno Update #1



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