Morning Activity Boxes



Morning activity boxes have been a game changer in our routine! I did a version of this with Piper when she was younger and I was trying to juggle the work-from-home mom routine. So a few weeks ago I started making boxes for Flora to use when she needs an activity (i.e. she wants my full attention but I need to get something done). I most frequently use these in the morning but will often pull one out when I need to make dinner, too.

The thing with these boxes is that I don’t put a ton of energy or effort into them. Pulling out toys that have been put away or she doesn’t play with frequently are just as interesting to her – and she gets excited to see what’s in her box!

These are the boxes I use for M-F. 5 come in a set and you can order online and pick up in store! They are always out of stock at my Target so I suggest doing this instead of going and looking for them!

And if you’re interested in even more activity ideas to do with your kids be sure to check out the ebook we just launched!

Here’s a running list (that I will update) with some ideas for what we put in our boxes!

Cotton Balls!!! These are SO much fun. You can mix in pom-poms too. Add a scoop or spoon, cups, toilet paper rolls. Let your child use them in their play kitchen. Clean up is annoying but have your toddler help :)

Hidden puzzle pieces. Fill one of the bins with cotton balls and hide the puzzle pieces – adding another element to doing a simple puzzle. *I’ll probably have to help Flora with this one! Older kids can do it more independently.

Car ramps with simple pieces of cardboard.

Car tracks with washi tape & paper tunnels.

Playdough (ps-the best homemade playdough recipe)!! There are a MILLION ‘playdough invitation to play’ ideas on Pinterest – pick one per week! My girls love birthday party playdough – I put in cupcake liners, sequins and cut paper straws to use as candles.

Stickers – so many different fun things you can do with them!

Beads (use a large size for smaller toddlers– we have these-– that aren’t a choking hazard) and pipe cleaners.

Shove a bunch of scarves or ribbons in an empty tissue box and let your toddler pull them out & play.

Tape escape! Tape a bunch of toys (farm animals or cars work great) to the lid and let your child free them!

Color sorting with bowls. Grab a few bowls from your cabinet and toys in corresponding colors. Let your toddler sort them.

I rotate toys so every week there will be something “new” – like glitter blocks, magna tiles etc.




Morning Activity Boxes



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