My 30 Week Pregnancy Update



30 weeks feels like a HUGE milestone! And a very scary thought….labor is imminent, I actually have to push this child out and my to-do list is miles long. I’m trying to enjoy the last few weeks  with Piper as she’s an only child and get all of my work done at the same time. You can read my previous pregnancy updates here:

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I’m feeling pretty good physically – though my body definietly needs period of rest and I’m not comfortable standing for too long. I’ve been having braxton hicks contractions pretty much every night around 9pm. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with my long baby to-do list of tasks I want to get done, house projects I want to get done and WORK I need to get done before my maternity leave. I’m hoping that I can take 2 weeks to slow down in December sand savor the last few days with Piper and really give her a ton of attention.

I’m feeling a little guilty about not being as excited about this baby as I was with Piper – I know that sounds awful to say out loud but life just seems so busy that she hasn’t got the focus and concentration that I gave my first pregnancy. I’d like to think this is normal but I still can’t help but feel sad and guilty about it.


Not good – my heartburn has been awful and sleeping has not been easy! I’ve also been staying up too late in the evening working and not relaxing before bed, I’m hoping this changes but I have a feeling that it won’t!!


Since my heartburn is so bad I’ve been gravitating towards bland foods. I also found out I have low iron and have since started taking a supplement but I’ve also been trying to eat more iron rich food and snacks.

Breakfast: Pumpkin granola (Trader Joe’s) and almond milk and/or egg muffins .

Lunch: When I don’t have leftovers I’ve still been eating my wraps – with turkey, cheese, spinach, mustard these days.

Snacks: Peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe’s, string cheese, apples with almond butter (I have this practically every day), mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups, smoothies, dried apricots and mango pumpkin seeds.


I’ve started walking and hope I can walk 1-3 miles a day until I give birth. I know I won’t hit every day and if I’m working a wedding or standing a lot I won’t attempt it but it feels good to get out in the fresh air and get this baby moving down and low!


22lbs since the start — no official update since my last OB appointment was 9/18.


LEGGINGS (These from Target , these by Blanqi – which I think will be really great post-partum too and finally these for exercise by Ingrid & Isabel. ) &  these sweatpants  and this maternity lounge suit from ASOS is so cozy (comes in a ton of colors).

Otherwise I’ve been wearing these these Ingrid & Isabel jeans exclusively – they are so comfortable.

See some of my maternity style here & my fall capsule wardrobe here.


My hair seems to have started growing again (!!!)

My skin is looking much clearer the past month —  I’ve been using this pregnancy peel weekly.

Sleeping is a lot harder and interrupted – but I have been able to sleep in when given the opportunity.



I bought my first two Christmas gifts!!

The cutest & softest swaddle blanket.

My Breast Friend pillow & Dock-A-Tot sent their Delux Sleeper.

I got a simple changing pad cover and then I’m going to put a mini Gathre mat on top. I also got these to have on hand.

Baby socks & sleeper on sale at Old Navy.


Piper mainly — how she’s going to handle us not giving her our undivided attention. I’m starting to get nervous about birth again — mainly because I was induced with Piper I don’t have any experience starting labor naturally at home (which is what I HOPE happens this time) — so it’s unchartered territory for me!


Wood floors have been installed in the nursery! We still have to paint, close in one wall that is open with weird window/blind things to our living room and install shelves in the closet!

We have a lot of baby gear out and I’ve started to clean it!

I wrote a BIG list of to-dos and hope to cross one item off per day.

I registered at the hospital and ordered my breast pump (went with the Spectra S2 – thank you for all your feedback & advice).

Started gathering post-partum and nursing stuff that I have at the house to organize.

Image by Lauren Swann




My 30 Week Pregnancy Update



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