Our Bathroom Organization Makeover

September 10, 2018

Over the past few years working as an editor at Glitter Guide and running The Mama Notes I’ve accumulated tons of beauty products. Which is a good thing – but not when they overtake the tiny bathroom you share with your husband. Since we completed our bathroom renovation our beautiful new shelves have been entirely cluttered with my products – and I finally had enough! By creating these shelves in our reno we added a TON of storage that we have been failing to utilize.

I had the lofty goal of organizing one section of our house before school started – and while it’s still a work in progress I’m slowly getting there. The bathroom was my first project. I’ve been following accounts like The Home Edit, Shira Gill, The Home Sort, Simply Spaced for inspiration!

Here’s the scary before photo- and this is actually after I cleared off and organized a TON of products from the middle shelf.

And here’s the after!! I love how streamlined it is and organized – there’s a spot for everything.

I used these Clear Stackable Storage Bins from Container Store and then had these custom vinyl labels made on Etsy from Flair & Festive – just send a message about doing a custom order! They came super quickly and applied very easily! These are the wooden lid glass canisters from Target that I put my cotton balls and q-tips in.

The bottom wooden box is for me to put samples and when it gets full I have to go through it – no more leaving them on the shelves everywhere.




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  1. Rian says:

    I love the way it looks! So organized! Here’s an article I think you might like: Farmhouse Style Home Office Renovation