Our Favorite Baby + Toddler Cookbooks



The best Baby food cookbooks

I’ve talked at length about Piper’s picky eating habits and the meals she does like to eat but I thought I’d share a few of our favorite cookbooks that I’ve used since I first started making her food. As I mentioned in her 18 month update, right now I’m only serving her what we eat for dinner but I still reference these books for different breakfast, lunch and snack ideas — especially when I’m feeling in a rut. These are my three favorites:

The Baby & Toddler Cookbook: This is one of my favorites – I love every recipe we’ve tried and would probably say its the most versatile!

Beaba Babycook Recipe Book: This is a cookbook from the Beaba Babycook brand (which I’ve declared my love for time and time again) — and we’ve used it sooo much! Piper especially loves the pea pancakes and I’m making them tonight! I love that the recipes are inspired by French cuisine (the brand is French after all) and offer flavor combinations that I wouldn’t think of or see in my other cookbooks.

Real Baby Food : These recipes are all natural and very easy. We used it more when Piper was a little older and eating more than purees (though it has a lot).

Best baby food cookbooks






Our Favorite Baby + Toddler Cookbooks



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