Printable Love Letters For Your Kids



I’m so excited to share a printable with you today! I got inspired by my friend Amy who used our tape relief tutorial to create a box to hold the letters that her husband and her write every Valentine’s Day to their daughters. HOW SWEET. I got inspired to do the same thing – but instead just writing a few things I love about each of my daughters at this phase in their life. Things I don’t want to forget and want to look back and read year after year. Every year we’ll give the girls their letters on Valentine’s Day and then we will store them away in a box, when they leave home they can take their box with them. TEAR. Hope you enjoy – the link is below to print!

Click HERE to download and print the letter. You may want to print a bunch and pack them away with your Valentine’s decor so you can remember to write one every year :)




Printable Love Letters For Your Kids


  1. melissa says:

    oh my gosh! i absolutely love this. so special. i’m always thinking about what traditions i would like to start for our little family and this is really sweet.

    i would love to hear about other traditions (not even necessarily related to holidays) that families with little ones have. we have his day in day out bed time routine, but how about special weekly ones? monthly ones? i read a few weeks ago how this girl used to blast some music with her mom every sunday morning and clean the house. i thought oh that will be good when my little one is older to put a fun twist on something boring. make it a dance party. anyway, kind of a tangent :-)

  2. Brooke says:

    What a sweet idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. […] didn’t get cards. Instead I printed out this template for a love letter from The Mama Notes. I love that it marks their age and leaves me room to write all the things I love about each of my […]

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