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As you’ve likely heard me mention before, I am an Usborne book consultant. Brooke who works on my team thought it’d be fun to start a new blog series where we highlight some of our favorite titles and give you a fun corresponding snack and craft idea to really elevate story time. It’s just an extra fun way to bring the stories to life, and in the process deepening a love for books in your littles.

We are starting this Read, Craft, Snack series with this fun “This is Owl” book. There are a couple additional “This is…” Usborne titles: “This is Crab” and “This is Frog.” which my girls love!

“This is Owl” is just a really cute, silly, interactive story that keeps kids engaged throughout. Kids help tell the story by flapping, tapping, clapping, etc. The storyline is very sweet and at the end Owl grows a family and has a baby owl (thus the nest + egg snack).

The craft for this one is appropriately, an owl. It is simply made out of a pinecone, pom poms & felt. It turned out so cute and was a huge hit with my daughter! Here’s what you need to make your own:

  1. Have your child push the brown pom poms into the pinecone crevices. As it gets more filled out, you may need to reinforce some poms with hot glue, but we were able to securely stick the majority of the poms in the pinecone without glue.
  2. Cut out two wings, a beak, and 2 circles slightly larger than your googly eyes on your felt pieces. *I used tan felt for the wings and eyes, and black for the beak.
  3. Using a Sharpie, draw wavy lines on your wings, to resemble feathers.
  4. Glue your googly eyes onto the felt circles.
  5. To the pinecone, attach the wings, eyes and beak with glue.

For the snack, we made these super cute Birds’ Nests. I halved this recipe from the Curvy Carrot. They came together really quick and were a super fun treat!

If you’re interested to learn about hosting an Ubsorne party, to earn free books, check out the FAQ here!




Read, Craft, Snack- This is Owl



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