Take 5 With Pro-Organizer Rachel Rosenthal



Today we are excited to take 5 with Rachel Rosenthal, a professional organizer who also has a product line. She’s answering my quick questions about how to get and stay organized with your family! 

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What are your golden rules when it comes to starting an organization project?

– Make sure you have a buddy

– Always schedule it

– Start off slowly and break down tasks into chunks

– Give yourself rewards for accomplishing things like a break, buying something with the money you got for consignment, taking a walk, wine, etc.

– Declutter before you bring in organizing items


Let’s talk toys! What’s the best way to tackle them?

– Categorize them by age to first declutter items that are no longer appropriate for your kids’ age range

– Decide what your child is playing with at that time and make it most accessible

– Group like items together

– Store toys in categories that make sense for your child and how they play

– Add a label to bins that is a picture vs. words so that you child can figure out what can be found/what goes inside


How can you get kids involved in keeping an organized and tidy home/bedroom etc?

– Make it a game. For example, put on a timer and race to see how many toys can be added to a bin

– Have them do tasks on their level with you. You know your children best so work with them on hanging things up, putting toys in bins, etc.

– Make it a way of life vs. a one time event

– Get them involved by having them pick out the bin to contain their dolls, have them color a label, etc.


What are some of your favorite organization tools + products?

– Clear shoe box bins: these can be used for anything and everything

– Hanging sweater bins: they help to maximize the vertical spaces in closets

– Drawer inserts: these contain everything necessary and divide things so it makes it easier to find things

– Hanging travel file for paper: I like to hang paper in file folders vs. piling so you can see what you have


What are your favorite resources for organizing and favorite accounts to follow on Instagram for inspiration?

Chris loves Julia

Amber Interiors


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Take 5 With Pro-Organizer Rachel Rosenthal



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