The Best Storage For Kids Toys

January 8, 2019

Our storage & organization month is going strong (read all about it here) – and today we are sharing the very best storage baskets for toys, books, blankets, animals & dolls, many of which we use and love! Our old playroom (now Flora’s Nursery) pictured above utilized this storage cubby

1.Wicker Milk Crate: We have two of these and I love how sturdy they are! 

2. Pillowfort Wood Crates: I also love these milk crates and have almost bought them several times but have no where to put them – they also come in a stacking version (#5). 

3. White Stackable Storage Bins: We have a larger set of this style in our playroom and wish it were more compact like this set. 

4. Round Seagrass Basket: Piper has this in her bedroom for her blankets. I love the two tone colors. 

5. Stacking Pillowfort Wood Crates: These have been at Target for a while and I just love the look & flexibility with them! 

6. Ball Bin: This is next on my list as we need something for our growing ball collection! 

7. Clear Container With White Lid: These are perfect for holding art & craft supplies, and I got a few for our playroom project. 

8. Oval Metal Bin: We have these in the playroom and use for markers and crayons. I love the simplicity and how much they hold. 

9. Farmhouse Canvas Bins: Sturdy canvas bins are great for books and stuffed animals or dolls. 

10. Wood & Wire Cube Bin: I love open storage bins so you can really see what’s inside and not just hide all the odds & ends. It also makes play easier for your kids – and these fit nicely onto shelves! 

11. Boon Stuffed Animal Storage: Have you seen this plush stuffed animal holder? Genius! 

12. Cube Storage Bins: These are great for closets and holding lighter weight things like burp cloths & blankets. 

13. Over The Door Shoe Organizer: Streamlined way to store dolls and animals! 




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