You Can Now RENT The Snoo Bassinet!

January 11, 2019

Yes you heard that right, you can now rent the Snoo Sleeper! If you’re a new mom or mom to be, chances are you’ve probably heard of the Snoo Sleeper. Developed by  Dr.Harvey Karp, who wrote the infamous book, The Happiest Baby On The Block  and sleep philosophy of The 5 S’, the Snoo Sleeper is designed to imitate the womb, rocking your baby into a sound sleep. Sounds too good to be true, right? 

Everyone that I know that has used the Snoo Sleeper swears by it and says it’s worth every penny, but it has a heavy price tag coming in at $1295! Well, now you can RENT the Snoo Sleeper! It’s still expensive but it just may help get you through those first few sleepless months of parenthood! 

Here is the baby sleep/wake chart we swear by, tips for newborn sleep, our bedtime bottle trick




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