The Best Products For Pregnancy



As I think any mother can attest, being pregnant is equally as wonderful and exciting as it is hard! Thankfully there are so many products that make it a little easier and today I’m sharing a few of my personal favorites along with items that I’ve read about time and time again.

*As always please discuss taking any vitamins, medications, tea or supplements with your healthcare provider. I’m not a medical expert! 

Sound Machine

Sleep can be very tricky during pregnancy — so I do everything under the sun to make it easier, having a sound machine is a necessity!

Body Pillow

I couldn’t sleep without my body pillow. I start using it as soon as my bump pops and I find it helps me get comfortable and stay sleeping on my side. You can see more of my sleep tips during pregnancy here.

Beauty Products

Though I haven’t had to try it yet, many women have problems with acne while pregnant and this Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash is supposed to work wonders!

Many women also swear by Mama Mio products.

Personally I love Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Calming Lavender Body Wash for a relaxing bedtime shower and Juice Organics Pregnancy Peel when my skin is feeling dull (see ALL of my pregnancy safe beauty products here).

Belly Butter + Oil

My favorite belly butters are Motherlove and Nine Naturals.

For belly oil I love Zoe Organics Belly Oil  and Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Oil and BioOil also gets rave reviews.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated while your pregnant is essential and I’ve tried a few different water bottles to aid in upping my water intake throughout the day. I love both the Bubba Keg and the Corkcicle Tumbler. I also love to sip on sparkling water and Spindrift! 

Bella Band

I love the Bella Band for the 1st trimester of pregnancy and even into the 2nd, while you still fit into your jeans and pants but they just won’t button — simply slide the bella band on top and extend your non-maternity wardrobe. I used it for months in my first pregnancy and not as much in my second since it’s so hot I just want to wear dresses! I suggest getting a nude or white color so it doesn’t show with lighter colored tops.

Sleeping Bra

Confession: I wear my sleeping bra during the day all the time. As soon as my boobs start to become sore and tender I want nothing to do with underwire. Sleeping with a comfortable bra really helps and I find myself wearing them around the house too. Plus they are great for nursing and holding in breast pads after your milk comes in while you sleep. I love this Medela one, the fabric is super stretchy.


I live in comfortable nightgowns – I can’t imagine sleeping with shorts or pants around my waist! Lake PJs has a great maternity collection and I love the Gilligan & O’Malley collection at Target (I just got this chemise nightgown and it’s great for summer, just size up so it fits your bump all 9 months).

Prenatal Vitamin

One of the first products you need to buy after you find out you’re pregnant is a pre-natal vitamin. I suggest talking with your doctor to pick one that works for your pregnancy. For this pregnancy I’m taking care/of ‘s prenatal vitamin and love it!  (Image via)


I really miss my nightly glass of wine to relax after Piper goes to bed and instead have loved sipping on this Chamomile Lavender Tea – I’ve been having really bad heartburn so I’m trying to avoid liquids at least an hour before bed so I make this earlier in the evening.

Heartburn Prevention

I just got plagued with heartburn — not sure how I will make it through the next 18 weeks! I’ve done some research and these products are supposed to help, I plan on ordering them this week.
Ginger Chews, Peppermint Lozenges, Tums, Papaya Enzymes (somewhat controversial due to lack of testing on it), Healthy Mama Tame The Flame Tablets. Mama Natural has a great post full of resources here.


I do NOT leave the house without ample snacks in my bag. During the 1st trimester they help with bouts of nausea and throughout the rest of pregnancy I find I need to a little something at least every hour or I start to feel off. You can see some of my favorite snacks here. I always have granola bars, peanut butter pretzels, string cheese and apples stocked in my kitchen, too.

See more of my pregnancy posts here!




The Best Products For Pregnancy



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