Toddler Breakfast Ideas

August 16, 2019

Ok here we go! As promised I’ve come up with a big list of toddler breakfast ideas. We’ve been a rut the past few months so I’m excited to add some of these to our rotation!

DIY Oatmeal – let your kids add their own mix ins & fruit. Makes oatmeal much more fun! We like chia seeds, coconut shreds, raisins.

Yogurt, fruit & granola parfaits. Pre-make and sprinkle granola on top in the morning.

Dress up your frozen waffles! Cream cheese & jelly, peanut butter, butter with cinnamon sugar are all fun ideas.

When in a pinch (most days) my girls have bars with fruit.

Avocado toast.

Apple sauce and plain yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.

SMOOTHIES & Yogurt shakes.

Blender muffins. (My girls gobble these blender muffins up).

Mini bagels were a bit hit at the end of the school year for us. Try topping with nut/seed butter & banana!

Breakfast cookies !

Make ahead egg cups- I want to try these Broccoli & Cheese Frittata Fingers for Piper.



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  1. Trisha says:

    Where are these cute colorful plates from?