Toddler Morning Activity Box Ideas To Try In April



We are really getting into a long-term routine this week, it will be our first week with Piper’s distance learning program in place. We will be meeting with her class 2x and basically be doing her assignments combined with the meetings from 9:30-12pm every day. I’m learning how to adjust my work expectations and figure out the best time to get things done and how to best utilize my activity boxes. Today I quickly realized I need to have EASY activities that don’t require too much support from me to use from 7-9 daily so I can work for that morning block of time. I also need QUIET activities Flora can do somewhat independently while Piper’s class meets. Today she played with rice at the sensory table and did the shaving cream eggs. Both worked well! So you’ll see these change a bit in the weeks to come! I’ll update this post with photos and details about how these went for us as the week progresses!

Check out the ideas I shared in March here along with a HUGE post full of ideas to do with your kids at home here!

A big tip:

Rotate Toys: If you are not currently doing this, I highly suggest rotating your toys during this time! We just got out our box of toys I put away in December to make way for Christmas gifts and it was like Christmas all over again when I got the Duplos back out and included them in this morning’s box!

DUPLO PATTERNS: My girls were so excited to see the Duplos I didn’t even need to get out the pattern cards today but will save them for another morning this week! Just a simple way to extend play time with a toy you may see often!

EASTER EGG LETTER HUNT: A simple wax relief activity with a seasonal twist! Piper LOVED this! I let Flora paint construction paper eggs with water, but for younger kids you can just draw patterns instead of letters and let them discover or “find” them with the water colors. Piper identified all of the letters as she found them. I have 2 more eggs saved to use later this week, one with numbers.

Supplies Used: White crayon, wax crayon (from Easter egg dying kit) or oil pastel crayon. Water colors, white cardstock.

SHAVING CREAM EGGS: Flora LOVED this simple sensory activity today! Piper wants a turn, too! I just filled plastic eggs up with shaving cream, I added some water and cups after she played with the eggs for a few minutes.

Supplies: Plastic eggs, shaving cream.

Spring Sensory Bin: Another one for flora using dried chickpeas, any bean or rice would work! She loves scooping and pouring right now.

Supplies: Carrots (from the Dollar Store), small pots or cups, dried beans.

Easter Egg Counting Activity: This one is from our Mama Notes Activity Shop spring box (all supplies are from the box which sold out but you can DIY). You can get really creative here but I’m just going to have Piper open the different numbers and count corresponding dried chick peas or I may make it a snack activity and use leftover Fruit Loops which she’ll love.

Paper Straw Counting: I made this for both of my girls, Piper will use it as a counting exercise and Flora will practice her fine motor skills by trying to thread the paper straws onto the piper cleaners.

Supplies: Pipe cleaners, paper straws.

Sticky Wall: It’s been a while since we did a sticky wall so I have one for each girl in the boxes is this week. Flora’s is pretty straightforward- old Easter grass I found in our attic and foam Easter stickers I picked up before quarantine.

Supplies: I use contact paper & masking tape to create a sticky wall on our cabinets.

Counting Flowers Sticky Wall: You can do this on a sticky wall or with glue and paper! Just cut a bunch of petals and circles with numbers to practice counting.

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Toddler Morning Activity Box Ideas To Try In April



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