What’s Worked On My Pregnancy Acne



There’s no doubt child bearing and the influx of crazy hormones changes your skin. And not just during pregnancy, but postpartum, nursing and weaning- too! With my first pregnancy I had that glowing skin people talk about, when I weaned my second I had crazy cystic acne and right around the time my scars started to fade I was pregnant again with my 3rd. This pregnancy has not been kind on my skin, and while it was worst during the 1st trimester I think I found a combination of products that seem to be working!

You can read all about my pregnancy skincare regime here, today I’m just focusing on the products that have helped with my acne specifically.

+I’ve been changing my pillowcase more diligently (though never quite reaching that once a week mark I’m aiming for)

+I also use a different wash cloth every time I wash my face. I bought these washcloths last year and just keep a basket in my bathroom for easy access.

+I stopped washing my face in the morning, instead I just rinse it with warm water and a wash cloth. No idea if this has contributed to helping my pregnancy acne or not!


I alternate between my-go gentle face cleanser by La Roche Posay, BeautyCounter’s Cleansing Balm (usually reserved for days when I wear makeup) and then I really noticed a drastic difference in my skin when I started using a face wash with glycolic acid about a month ago. My OB cleared glycolic acid use during pregnancy (be sure to check with yours if you’re concerned) and using this Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser a few times a week really did the trick I think! It’s not too drying and I think the combination of mud and glycolic acid really works to clear out my skin.

Spot Treatments:

I really tried everything under the sun in this category, but my skin really responds well to Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment. I put it on at first sight of a pimple and continue every night. It does have a pretty strong sulfur smell which isn’t pleasant but it’s worth it to me! I also got a ton of recomendations for Belli Acne’s face wash.

I also found these Mighty Patch spot treatment patches to work on cystic spots. Because they are clear I would even wear them around during the day. Knock on wood I haven’t used one in a while!




What’s Worked On My Pregnancy Acne



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