2019 In Review



What a YEAR! I love taking December 31st to reflect upon the past year, before I think about setting goals or resolutions for the new year, it’s nice to just take a trip down memory lane and recount what 2019 gave to us.

Here are some of my personal & business highlights and lows from the year, the most loved posts on the site and the products that were purchased the most by the community!

You can read my recap for 2018 here!


Personally, I really felt like I got into a better grove being a mom to two while balancing work. While 2018 was so challenging in this regard, Flora has blossomed into an adorable toddler, I stopped nursing at the end of March (bittersweet) and things just seemed to fall into place a little better for me. A large part of that was due to the exciting job Austin got in June which has changed our lives and schedule dramatically!!! It was definietly a highlight of the year and I’m so proud of him, all those years working on his master’s degree in the evenings finally paid off.

I got into a little better routine with my work and tried to be a bit more organized on this front – which is a never ending challenge for me. I struggled with creative motivation the direction I wanted to take my site and Instagram for many months of 2019 but finally feel like I have clarity in this regard which is a good feeling to end the year with.

I’ve had a long term goal of creating a product for The Mama Notes community and after months of working I launched my first ebook – a true labor of love. I am so proud of the product I was able to create with my collaborators and working on it was such a welcomed change of pace, I truly loved every aspect of creating it.

Another highlight was all of the travel we were able to do this year – both as a family and individually. Taking a work trip to Toronto was my only international trip (tear) but such a fun time, traveling to California for my sister’s wedding and family vacation was amazing, we took some local trips to a lake, camping and to visit my inlaws and I got to see my college friends in Palm Beach. It was a JAM PACKED year when looking back at the calendar and photos and I know that 2020 will not be anything near the same!

Taking solo trips with my girlfriends has become SO important and necessary for my mental health and I feel fortunate to have a partner who respects and understands this. I’m also so glad that Austin was able to take a guys trip this year to reconnect with his college friends and have some solo time for himself.

Watching my girls grow and become actual friends was one of the best gifts of 2019. Everyone talks about how magical it is to watch sibling relationships grow and this is the year it began to happen for them. To see them giggle and play together for hours is pure magic. Piper is the best big sister and is so compassionate, caring and responsible when she’s with Flora.

AND WE RENOVATED OUR KITCHEN!!!! We aren’t quite done but this is a goal I had for the year that I didn’t think would actually happen and I can honestly say it’s changed my life!

And of course, the biggest highlight (and shock!!!) of 2019 was discovering we were expecting this past fall!!! It took a few weeks to really wrap our head around it but we are all so excited (especially Piper)!

…And The Lows

Of course there were many low spots of 2019, too. I had crippling anxiety and several panic attacks this year – which was new for me. My goal for 2020 is to finally see a therapist, though I feel like I have things somewhat under control right now, I know it would be really good for me to do this. I’ve been able to manage unmedicated but getting a prescription for Zoloft was a big step for me. I am worried about my hormones while being pregnant.

While our routine with Austin’s schedule is so much better (him being home by 5pm now) – getting used to my new routine with both of the girls being in school has been a challenge. Piper’s school is 30 minutes away and I feel like I spend all week in the car, and have much less time to work despite Flora being in preschool 3 mornings a week. It’s just a new level of busy, with Piper’s after school activities and always having a place to be. And it’s only going to get a lot crazier!!

I continued to do freelance social media consulting in addition to blogging full-time. After nearly 11 years of blogging I definietly hit a rut this year and while my Mama Notes Instagram continues to grow ( I more than doubled my following in 2019 which I should note as a major highlight!!!) My overall traffic was down for 2019 on the site which is never an accomplishment. I blame this on inconsistent and infrequent posting and focusing more on social media. My revenue has steadily been the same, again when running your own business you always want to see these numbers increase so it’s definietly a low to end the year this way when I feel like I work sooo hard all the time. But it’s also given me some clarity and a push to pursue some other things in 2020 that I’ve been putting on the back burner!

Top Posts

Here are the most popular posts that were originally posted in 2019!

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe for COOL MOMS!! You bet I’m updating this in 2020!

Lots of holiday gift guides topped the list I won’t bore you with.

What To Expect In The Moments After Birth

You guys love Amazon posts – this one with spring finds under $30 did really well along with Amazon Easter Basket Filler ideas and winter Amazon favorites for the family.

And all of your crowd sourced baby registry favorites rounded off the list!

Top Purchases of 2019

Everything THIS community bought in large quantities in 2019!!

True Botanticals Pure Radiance Oil: A super hydrating oil that is pregnancy & nursing safe!

These water bottles the girls have.

Our bedroom rug – SUCH a good deal and it’s held up amazing this year!

Ole Henrikson serum – my holy grail! It’s a retinol alternative that I’ve been using while pregnant!

The Amazon MUMU NIGHTGOWN! You best believe I will be wearing this bad boy alllll spring & summer long while pregnant!! Most popular dress ever purchased from my links!

This cute J.Crew sweater I got in the fall that is STILL in stock an on sale!

And my trusty Everlane pants I’ve had for years!!




2019 In Review



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