Easy Weekday Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas



Dionna’s back to share some easy breakfast ideas that you can prep for ahead of time – something that I am really needing this time of year! You can see Dionna ‘s (who is a culinary school grad & personal chef) meal plan for last week HERE!

Breakfast sandwiches – This recipe is hands down the easiest way to prep a big batch of breakfast sandwiches. And you’ll be so happy you did! Plus, breakfast sandwiches are super great for eating in the car.

breakfast meal prep

Breakfast burritos – these are great to make on a Sunday for the week ahead. They can be frozen for up to a month or you can just keep them refrigerated for the week. If heating up from frozen, just wrap in a wet paper towel and reheat in the microwave for a minute or two! Recipe here.

breakfast meal prep

Mini Frittatas – I love making a big batch of these and then heating them up throughout the week. Have fun with the fillings too! My go-to’s are sausage, cheddar, and broccoli, or goat cheese and sun dried tomato. Recipe here.

breakfast meal prep

Overnight Oats – No, the overnight oat craze hasn’t died, and we hope it never does! Overnight oats are incredibly simple to make the night before. I like to make them in mini Weck jars or mason jars, and then they’re easily eaten in the car! 8 recipes for overnight oats here.

breakfast meal prep

Breakfast quesadilla – I don’t make the quesadillas ahead of time, but I will prep the toppings so that in the morning, they’re quick to come together. Usually I’ll make a mixture of sautéed onion and bell pepper with scrambled eggs. In the AM I’ll make a quesadilla and will use that egg mixture with some cheese for the filling! Great recipe from Well Plated here!

breakfast meal prep

Healthy Banana Muffins – A muffin and a hardboiled egg is a quick and easy breakfast to grab while heading out the door. My toddler LOVES this recipe and I make them with whole wheat flour.




Easy Weekday Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas



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