Flora’s 6 Month Update



Our girl is half a year old and here’s a big update on her sleep, development and everything we are loving during this fun phase of life! Flora had her first trip to the beach earlier this month and we can’t wait to take her on more trips this summer!


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We go in for Flora’s 6 month doctor’s visit on Wednesday and I’m eager for the official reading but based on our at home scale we think she’s a little over 15lbs and are hoping our doctor is OK with her growth rate.


After reading this post on how to know if your baby is ready to start solids we’ve decided to wait until Flora is sitting up on her own before we introduce her first food….sweet potato! We do have the OK from our allergist though! For now she’s just enjoying mamas milk. I feel like I may not be producing as much milk as Flora will drink so I’m working on increasing my supply agaiiiiin (read about how I do that here). We are keeping up with the same routine as last month — feeding after every time she wakes. Nurse her around 6:00pm and then we give her a 5oz bottle of pumped milk before bed. I pump 1st thing in the morning when I wake up (that milk is for her bedtime bottle) and then I pump before bed around 9pm (that milk gets frozen for my stash).


This age is just SO FUN for development! I feel like Flora is changing every day and it’s just such a joy as a mother to witness. She’s sooo active – rolling from both sides. You can’t leave her alone on the play mat anymore or she’ll roll right off – we’ve started making pillow barricades and need to figure out a longer term solution! She’s very close to sitting in a ‘tripod’ alone but still needs some support. She’s pretty much in constant motion — though she does still enjoy lounging in her swing in the morning :) She loves her jumperoo and the activity center my parents have. Flora loves her sister and is so smiley and happy whenever she’s around and playing with her (which is most of the time). It makes me so happy! Flora’s really interested in her toys and putting any and everything into her mouth. She loves music, dancing and walks in her stroller.


We are on a pretty solid sleep routine. Flora consistently takes a morning nap from 9-11am and then I can usually get her down for her second nap to coincide with Piper’s at 1pm, and it varies between 45 minutes to 2 hours. She generally refuses any other naps later in the day. We’ve bumped up her bedtime to closer to 6:30am and she wakes up between 5:30-7:00am. I can’t complain! She rolled over in her Merlin suit yesterday during her nap so we had to put it away and now she’s sleeping both during nap time and bedtime in a onesie with hand covers (she still scratches at her head quite a bit) in a sleep sack.


Flora always has her hand in her mouth and this Munch Mitt is AMAZING!

Flora’s still really liking her play gym.

She’s been sitting in her Stokke Steps Bouncer on the table happily during meal time or while we are cooking.

Flora loves this orange teether from Comotomo, her Winkle and this sensory toy fish!

I’ve been making Flora’s eczema ointment but have really been loving this lightweight Baby Doll Cream from Wash With Water.

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Flora’s 6 Month Update



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