Gear Guide: Everything You Need For Breastfeeding



I can’t believe in a few weeks I’ll be back living the breastfeeding life again! I have to admit it’s been kind of nice to have my body entirely to myself for a year now. I stopped nursing Flora in March of 2019 and then was pregnant in September/October of 2019. When I was pregnant for the first time I was pretty naive to many of the supplies I’d need to help make my breastfeeding journey easier. I mean I had my boobs and a nursing pillow! Turns out there is actually so much more that can make the journey more helpful and enjoyable for you. I’m also SO excited to see soooo many more breastfeeding products on the market now vs. 5 years ago!!! It’s amazing. Below is a round up of my favorite breastfeeding products that I’ve used and some new ones I’m excited to try this time around!

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  1. Lanolin Cream: This is what I use the first few weeks while nursing a newborn to help my damaged, chapped nipples. I also use it on my lips which get so dry when breastfeeding! I’ve tried all the organic, natural stuff and for me, it just didn’t work.
  2. Brewer’s Yeast Powder: Already ordered this so I’m set for making lactation treats after my milk production gets established. Will be sharing my favorite recipes soon :)
  3. Electrolyte Powder: Instead of chugging sugary Gatorades, I’m trying this electrolyte powder that my friend suggested this time!! Especially in those early postpartum days !
  4. Cake Maternity Rock Candy Wire-Free Nursing Bra: I love this bra so much, it offers support, is wire-free and best of all is COMFORTABLE!
  5. LaVie Lactation Massager: This is a new one on my list, I haven’t purchased it yet but I think it would be so helpful to have on hand!!! It uses gentle pressure and massaging to help increase your milk flow and with engorgement and prevent clogged ducts and mastitis.
  6. Silver Nipple Cups: I haven’t personally tried these but when I polled the community so many people suggested they were a lifesaver for helping nipple pain. I haven’t decided if I want to make the investment yet but they may be worth it to have on hand the first few weeks based on my nipple pain nursing my other babies!
  7. My Breastfriend Pillow: Forget the Boppy, for breastfeeding this pillow is the best! I love that you can adjust the height thanks to the velcro strap to fit your body and your baby best. I found I really only used a nursing pillow the first few weeks with both my girls before I got comfortable (and the baby a little bigger).
  8. Pink Stork Lactation Tea: I really relied on Pink Stork’s various lactation teas and supplements when my milk supply was low with Flora!
  9. Extra Pump Parts: Again, something I didn’t realize would have really helped me in my pumping journey… changing out the parts on your pump more frequently for maximum output.
  10. Breast Pump Sterilizer Bags: I use these to sterilize pumping parts, they make it really easy. I haven’t tried this Amazon brand is really affordable and has good reviews! Recommendations from the CDC on cleaning your breast pump HERE!
  11. Milk Storage Bags: You’ll need these if you plan on storing bags in the freezer to build a stash!
  12. Milk Storage Container: It wasn’t until I was halfway through nursing Flora that I discovered this contraption, thanks to a reader suggestion! It flattens your bags in the freezer making them easier to store and was a big game changer for us!
  13. Wet Bag: This may be a little irrelevant right now, but if you’re pumping at the workplace or anywhere on the go, having a wet bag is so helpful. I am thinking of supporting a local business and getting one from Nina’s Flying Needle.
  14. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Bra: File this one under something I did not realize I needed when I came home with a newborn! If you want to be able to do anything while you use your breastpump you’ll need a hands-free bra!
  15. Manual Hand Pump: This one is considered the holy grail but I’ve had success with others too. Hand pumps are ANNOYING but they are a great alternative to an electric pump in many situations. I can’t tell you how many funny places I’ve used a manual hand pump, high end department store fitting room in Paris? Yup! Janitor’s closet? Yup! Taxi? Yup! Airplane? Yup!!
  16. Milk Collector: I’m trying two different products this time around for collecting milk, one is this Lansinoh milk collector, you put it on the opposite side you’re nursing to collect milk. I love that it comes with a lid. And then I’m also going to try out these shells.
  17. Breast Pads: I like to use both reusable (for daytime) and disposable (for nighttime when I’m tossing & turning so they stick in place). I used them for months, many women only need them a few weeks but I’ve needed them for longer with both my girls!




Gear Guide: Everything You Need For Breastfeeding



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