Gear Guide: The Best Pregnancy Products



After being pregnant 3 times now (halfway through my 3rd pregnancy) I thought I ought to update this post with all the best pregnancy products that have helped me. And if you’re interested here are all of my favorite 20 postpartum products every mom needs and breastfeeding products (this will be updated, soon).

Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is so important during pregnancy, I got a Yeti tumbler for Christmas and have been using it every single day since. I love that it holds 30oz of water and keeps it cold all day. For on the go I also love my Swell bottle.

Prenatals: I’ve been loving Ritual’s prenatals this pregnancy, most specifically that they are created without a bunch of fillers and have an anti-nausea design! I also love the auto-ship option so I don’t have to worry about them running out.

Sleeping Pillow: I’ve been using this GIANT pillow the last week and I have to say it’s amazing and I’ve been able to sleep MUCH better! I’ve also shared the top 5 sleep pillows for pregnancy according to The Mama Notes community here!

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea: Thankfully I’ve never been plagued by bad morning sickness, but I know many women suffer from it. I’m a big fan of the Pink Stork brand and this tea has over 2k reviews on Amazon!!

Bras: I never realized how important bras are during pregnancy, everyone talks about nursing bras so much. But I quickly discover my normal bras don’t fit before the end of the 1st trimester. After that I’m seeking wire-free comfort for both day and night. Near the end of pregnancy I always end up sleeping in a bra because my breasts are so swollen and uncomfortable. I’ve loved this affordable Target bra for everyday and this Medela one for around the house and sleep. This sleep bra from Belabubum is THE BEST, plus it comes in pink!

Shirts: I sleep in nightgowns always, but especially when pregnant and I can’t fathom having a waistband on! I love Belabumbum’s super soft sleepshirts along with this cozy button up that is also nursing friendly and my Lake nightgown!

Belli Spot Treatment: After trying nearly everything that is pregnancy safe for acne I feel confident in recommending this spot treatment – I feel like it really helped reduce the size and duration of my breakouts! I haven’t tried any other products by this brand but would!

Belly Oil: I’ve been struggling with this for some reason and have actually been making my own – but Honest baby oil absorbs quickly and comes in a nice pump! And they just came out with an actual belly oil I hope to try out!

Compression Socks: I haven’t tried compression socks yet, but I know later in pregnancy a lot of women have issues with swelling in their feet and ankles which compression socks are supposed to help with. They are also supposed to help prevent varicose veins that haunt many women during pregnancy. This brand is supposed to be great and I like the patterns!

Leggings: Can’t survive a growing belly without a comfortable pair of leggings! I love these compression maternity Zella leggings and these cheap Amazon leggings that aren’t maternity but I just pull up over my bump.

Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen: This is now the only pregnancy book I suggest to new mothers – I love Erica’s approach, philosophy and writing style. It’s a must-read if you’re pregnant, even for a 2nd or 3rd time around mama!

Tums Smoothies: The best cure I’ve found for heartburn plagued by pregnancy! See more natural remedies to curb pregnancy heartburn here.

Belly Band: Finding a good belly band early in pregnancy is key – it allows you to extend your non-maternity wardrobe and wear your jeans and pants a few months before you have to wear actual maternity clothes! I love Ingrid & Isabel’s and this more affordable version from Amazon.




Gear Guide: The Best Pregnancy Products


  1. Caitlin says:

    This is so helpful! Can you please post the link for the Amazon belly band? Interested in saving a few bucks where I can :)

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