My 33 Week Pregnancy Update



I’m a week behind with my pregnancy updates — and boy am I feeling pregnant. Catch up on how my pregnancy has been thus far!  30 Weeks // 28 Weeks // 24 Weeks // 20 Weeks // 1st Trimester 



Tired and uncomfortable. I’ve been exhausted lately and admittedly have been taking on too much work but need to in order to take maternity leave off. Hopefully all this hustling now will pay off when I’m snuggling with my baby girl in January! My heartburn has been out of control and I’ve resorted to taking Tums almost every night  – it was never near this bad with Piper! My hips have also been hurting and overall my body aches if I stand for too long. I’m feeling more and more excited about becoming a family of four and at the same time I keep getting teary eyed thinking about how much less attention I’ll have for Piper.



I’ve been so tired that sleep actually hasn’t been that awful. I still toss and turn a lot and heartburn keeps me up for a bit when I’m first falling a sleep but overall I can’t complain too much! I wish I could take naps from time to time.


Pretty much the same as my last update, bland comfort food is most appealing right now.

Breakfast: Pumpkin granola (I recently made my own and will share the recipe soon) with almond milk, bagels, yogurt with pumpkin compote (so good).

Lunch: Wraps or leftovers!

Snacks: Peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe’s, string cheese, apples with almond butter (I have this practically every day), mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups, smoothies, dried apricots and mango, pumpkin seeds.


Totally not doing my daily walks mainly because I’ve been running around like crazy so much that I can’t fathom walking anymore!


26 lbs so far, I go back to the doctor on Monday!


My new Target sweatpants really haven’t come off since I ordered them!

Madewell just sent two pairs of their maternity jeans to try out and I LOVE them (these black skinnies and these cropped flares), I’ve also been wearing my Hatch overalls  a lot.

and of course….. LEGGINGS (These from Target , these by Blanqi – which I think will be really great post-partum too and finally these for exercise by Ingrid & Isabel. )

I also have been wearing these soft nursing PJs that Belabumbum Maternity sent (seen above).

See some of my maternity style here & my fall capsule wardrobe here.


My skin is on the fritz and my entire right cheek keeps breaking out (can’t figure this one out)!

My feet have been swelling when I stand too long.

I’ve been having stronger braxton hicks contractions in the evening and sometimes they are slightly painful.

I feel VERY BIG.



I’ve been shopping a little too much lately…

I got myself this cardigan, these adorable velvet mary jane flats

I picked up this skirt for Piper for the holidays and I got the baby this cozy romper from Target and this Christmas one!

I also got a few postpartum supplies (pads, these Silhouette Depends several people in the Mama Notes Facebook Community suggested) and this clever little hand breast pump that you can use to save milk that leaks while you’re nursing — so genius and these soothies breast pads. I’m going to clear off a bathroom shelf this weekend and try to get all of my nursing & postpartum supplies organized in baskets.

Oh and cleaning supplies!  Bottle brushes (my favorite are by Munchkin) and a Boon drying rack that I’m so excited to use this time around!


Not getting everything done in time with our house projects and long baby to-do list.

Not having a name for our baby girl (!!!)



Almost all of our baby gear is out and has been cleaned! All of the baby’s clothes have been washed, folded and put away and my dad started closing in the open part of the wall in her nursery. I’m hoping to photograph the space in 2 weeks so I have a lot of work to do!

Image by Lauren Swann




My 33 Week Pregnancy Update


  1. Jenny says:

    I am 33 weeks along with baby #2 this week also and and feeling ALL KINDS of stressed out. Baby girl’s nursery isn’t finished, I haven’t finished washing all her clothes yet and it feels like my to-do list is a million miles long. Eek! But I’m getting more and more excited to meet her and see my other daughter become a new sister. I guess it’ll all get done eventually. :)

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