Sensory Rice Activity For Babies

Sensory bins are great for both babies and toddlers (Piper has been engaged with EVERY sensory activity I’ve created so far for Flora). This sensory rice activity is so easy and Flora (13 months) really LOVED it. I was nervous about the clean up – but putting down a towel, playing on tile or wood floor and having a vacuum nearby made it so easy. And just embracing the fact that there will be a mess! 

The less rice and larger the container – the less mess you’ll have! 

To make your colored rice  – simply mix 1-2 tbs of white vinegar and a few drops of food coloring in freezer bag full of rice. I got a 5lb bag and split it into two. You can go way bolder with the color, by adding more food coloring, but I just wanted this to look a little pink for Valentine’s Day. 

Let it dry for 24hrs before letting your baby play. Be sure your baby is old enough to do play with the rice (I’d say over a year) and no longer interested in putting everything in their mouth! 

You can hide toys, use cups and spoons to pour and stir – the options are limitless! 

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