Our Boston Trip & A Hotel With A Lactation Room!



I was so excited to learn about Aloft’s new Boston hotel since we were set to pass through on our way home from Maine and they offered to host us. But I was even more excited to learn about how they have a lactation room for nursing mamas at this hotel!!! I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve needed this while breastfeeding! The Boston Aloft recently opened and it’s GORGEOUS – I’ll talk about the pros & cons in my review below in more detail, but they also host weddings and had one while we were there.

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If you’re a guest at a wedding and desperate for a place to pump (yup, been there) having a lactation room is a game changer. Having been a wedding planer while breastfeeding I also would have GREATLY appreciated a space like this (I can’t tell you how many weird places I’ve pumped during that career). Early arrival after a long flight and need to pump but can’t get into your room? Also been there, many, many times. It’s wonderful to see businesses recognizing this very fundamental need for breastfeeding women but at the same time it shows you just how far we need to go to ensure that women have access to these spaces and services in both public and work spaces. Bravo, Aloft for making a difference, it does not go unnoticed!!

Inside the door of the lactation room, love this!

I’d never stayed at an Aloft hotel before and we loved our experience. We were only in Boston for one night but really want to come back for a longer stay!

After dinner glass of wine in our room ! Love the skyline view.

Pros of the hotel:

+Customer service was top notch for such a big hotel and the front desk was super helpful with offering tips for planning our visit in Boston.
+We loved how high-tech it was! From the app that you can download for service to the smart elevators and the breakfast service.
+The room was perfect for us – it had a bit of a partition so we could put Flora’s crib on the other side of the room, always a WIN when traveling with a baby! And it was spacious! The girls loved looking out the windows.
+There’s a beautiful indoor pool, huge lounge/lobby area

Cons of the hotel:

+Like I said we really enjoyed our stay, the only downside for me was there is no room-service which we often like to utilize when traveling with toddlers
+There isn’t valet parking – but a large parking lot about a block away that you have to park in and pay a nightly fee for.

I wish we had longer to spend in Boston, as I feel like we just got a taste of the city! After checking into our hotel (room was ready early which is always a bonus) we drove over to park at the Boston Commons parking garage. We were debating taking the 45 minute walk but with possible storms in the forecast we didn’t want to risk it. Thankfully we had our umbrella stroller and Piper did pretty well walking. We loved the swan boat rides and the girls had a blast on the carousel. Piper really wanted to go in the splash pad but we skipped it and took a beautiful walk around the park and meandered to a little playground and stopped for iced coffee + matcha.




Our Boston Trip & A Hotel With A Lactation Room!


  1. Shay says:

    The make way for ducklings statues are right in the Boston Gardens, you guys were so close to them! There are so many family friendly events that happen in Boston, I usually recommend people check out the Boston Calendar website to see what is happening. Hope you guys get to take a trip to Beantown again soon!

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