Packing My Hospital Bag For Baby #3 During A Pandemic



It’s certainly a weird time to be in your 3rd trimester. There are so many unknowns right now… when will I be able to quickly run to the store to grab diapers? When will my kids go back to school? Will my husband be able to attend the birth of our 3rd child? I’ve been trying to focus on what I can control to get ready for life at home with a newborn, so I’m slowly checking off all the boxes on my 3rd trimester to-do list. While we do not yet have baby names, I can say that I’ve made progress on my hospital bag! Here’s everything I’m putting in the 3rd time around and a few changes I’m making given the fact that there is a world wide pandemic happening!

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The biggest change is that I’m bringing LESS stuff. We are hoping to be out of the hospital in 24hrs (given the baby and I are healthy and ready). vs. the 48hrs we’ve stayed in the past .

I’m bringing this vegan leather bag that I can easily wipe down with bleach wipes prior to even putting it in our car! It’s sturdy and fits a lot and is easy to carry. Hoping that we can fit everything in this bag, though I do want to have my own pillow and blanket which may need to be packed separately.

I’m also bringing face masks, hand sanitizer and bleach wipes.

1. For Labor & Birth:

As soon as I check in I’ll be putting on a hospital gown and staying in it until baby is born, there’s no real need for anything cute, this is a messy time!

Grippy Socks: I have 2 pairs of these socks packed instead of slippers. This way I can just toss them into the wash as soon as I get home.

Yeti Water Bottle: My favorite water bottle will be making the trek with us to the hospital to use during & after labor!

Headband & Hair Ties: For obvious reasons !

For Postpartum

In the past I’ve brought so much postpartum stuff I didn’t touch until I got home. I’m going to count on the hospital to provide everything I’ll need for the most part including the mesh underwear I’ll head home in!

Sleep Bra: This is my most comfortable sleep bra, it’s so soft and I’ll be bringing it.

Nightshirt: To “sleep” in after baby is born. I have a few from Belabumbum and this one from Target is a great option, too.

Leggings (sticking with my go-to non-maternity pair from Amazon) & a nursing tank in case I want them.

Photo Outfit: I’m packing something to wear for those sweet newborn photos, most likely this set or I may treat myself to something from Plum Pretty Sugar like this special set!

Something to wear home: Black maxi dress: I’m packing this to wear home, it’s so soft and comfortable!

Flip Flops: In case I decide to shower.

Lanolin Nipple Balm: I swear by this stuff for the first few weeks of nursing!

For Baby:

I don’t think we changed Flora into an actual outfit until we left the hospital! Because of that reason, I’m packing extra light for baby.

Going home outfit: A zip-front onesie with feet (nothing that could irritate the umbilical cord area) and hat and hand mittens, even though it will be June!

Photo outfit: For capturing those special hospital moments and birth announcement photos (love this ribbed one and this headband if it’s a girl)

Swaddle/Receiving Blanket: For taking photos with (this one comes in a few really pretty colors).

Just in case: Nail file, pacifier, SwaddleMe newborn pod swaddle.

Extras From Home:

I was so uncomfortable in the hospital bed after having Flora that despite it being annoying I’m planning to bring my own pillow (in a dark pillow case so you don’t get confused and it doesn’t get left) and blanket. Both will go right into the wash when we get home!

SNACKS. You never know what time your baby will arrive, I had a less than appetizing sandwich after Flora was born and since we won’t be having visitors we can’t rely on anyone to drop off food. So I plan on packing a bunch of snacks from Trader Joe’s to have on hand for both Austin and I.




Packing My Hospital Bag For Baby #3 During A Pandemic



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