Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Toddlers

January 16, 2020

I know we just came off of the big season of gift giving but I wanted to share some ideas in case you get your kids anything special for Valentine’s Day!

Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day Books!

  1. Cuddle & Kind Stuffed Animals: Our collection of these well made dolls has grown over the years and I love that they give back to children in need.
  2. Acrylic Hair Clips
  3. Melamine Rainbow Plate
  4. More Love Tee
  5. Valentine’s Day Playdough Set
  6. Tubby Todd Sweet Valentine Hair & Body Wash
  7. Heart Sweater
  8. Heart Purse
  9. Heart Baby Blanket
  10. Green Teether
  11. PJs
  12. Hooded Towel
  13. Shark Tattoos
  14. Pink Sunglasses (come in a lot of colors)
  15. Red Beret
  16. Heart Sippy Cup
  17. Red Car

And more Valentine’s Day Content:
Try this fun sticky sensory wall with your toddlers // Heart Shaped Pop Tarts // Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread



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