37 Week Pregnancy Update

November 22, 2017

It’s been a while… and now that I’m 37 weeks and officially FULL TERM (crazy!!) I thought I’d share what could be my final pregnancy update for our bebe girl!

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Tired and uncomfortable. The physical pain and amount of discomfort is so much worse than with my first pregnancy but in all honesty it’s still not that bad. If I have a relaxing day, am at home, working and playing with Piper for the most part I physically feel OK. If I’m standing for too long, working on my feet, out shopping or just push myself past my limit I’ll feel it. I ache. My heartburn has been awful lately, I’d say it’s my biggest complaint!

Emotionally is another story – I still don’t quite feel ready for this girl to arrive. I have a lot to get done around the house and with her stuff and have even more work to accomplish before I can sign off and feel good about stepping away from the laptop for the holidays. I’m also feeling super sad that my days to give Piper my complete attention are dwindling down – I’m really looking forward to working less the last few weeks of pregnancy so I can focus on her!!

I’m also starting to feel more and more anxious about giving birth but also EXCITED to meet our girl!!


Sleep actually isn’t that awful, despite dealing with heartburn when I first lay down – I’m getting a full night’s sleep most of the time these days!


EVERY thing! I feel like I’m pretty much snacking around the clock. Because of my stress load and to-do list I’ve been trying to put together super easy (i.e. not always the healthiest) meals but I just don’t have the energy for cooking by 6pm most nights! We have Hello Fresh coming next week and I’m super excited about that!

I’ve been eating 2 of those tiny little ice cream cones from Trader Joe’s as my nightly treat and they are so good!

Also about to start drinking my Third Trimester Pregnancy Tea today and try to eat dates every day :)


At this point I’m not doing any exercise aside from hauling around my 25lb girl :)


30lbs !


Everything is uncomfortable at this point — even most of my leggings, except for my STORQ leggings which are packed in my hospital bag!

I’ve been wearing PJs around the house (busted out my postpartum nightshirts) and when I go out I’ve been pretty comfortable in my jeans still. I’m wearing mostly all non-maternity tops and sweaters. I just got this red one & white one from LOFT and this J.Crew sweater!

See some of my maternity style here & my fall capsule wardrobe here.


Growing, growing, growing bump!

Hip pain.

Stronger and more consistent Braxton Hicks contractions.



Crib mattress + sheets (final items on my baby-to-buy list)!

My favorite burp cloths.

Brewer’s Yeast so I can make my lactation cookie dough.




How Piper’s going to respond and act after the baby is born.

Going into labor early AND  not going into labor on time and having to be induced again.

Not feeling prepared for the holidays + having our house clean enough to bring home a newborn.

Sleep deprivation with a toddler.


Our nursery is done! All of the baby gear is clean and ready to go. Our hospital bags + Piper’s overnight bag are packed (see what’s in my hospital bag HERE). Freezer meals are stocked (thanks to my MIL who brought a ton with her on their visit) — see my postpartum meal plan & freezer meal list HERE!

Still need to do a big grocery/house hold supply trip, get to know my new breast pump, get Christmas stuff organized and ordered.



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