Baby #3 20 Week Pregnancy Update!



You can read my first pregnancy post, all about the 1st trimester up until 17 weeks here!

How I’m Feeling

Most frequent question a pregnant lady gets, right? I’m feeling great! Honestly I don’t even feel pregnant most days and I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop. Aside from lacking any and all energy by 3pm I really have no complaints besides HEARTBURN! I had awful heartburn with Flora, and I’ve just started to get it here & there. Hoping it’s not like what I experienced before!

Hoping to keep up my weekly barre class and walk as much as I can though it’s been quite cold again here.

How I’m Sleeping

I’d say I’m sleeping OK. I’m tossing and turning quite a bit during the night. I’ve loved using my Hicpop pillow. I’m contemplating getting another one from the top 5 best pregnancy sleep pillows you all suggested to help stop the interrupted sleep.

I’ve been staying up a little later (9:30) and am continuing to read in bed which I love. I try to get into bed by 8:30 which means my ‘work after dinner’ time has significantly decreased. I’ve also loved sipping tea at night, though I try to have it about an hour before I go to bed so I don’t have to get up to pee!

What I’m Eating

Basically the same as I have been but I will say I’m proud of myself for eating more vegetables the last few weeks. I’ve been enjoying salads with lunch and dinner and trying to have more frequent green smoothies.

I’ve also been incorporating more protein into my diet. Some recent favorites:

Trader Joe’s frozen egg fritattas (these are SO GOOD and have over 20gs of protein), they would be great on an english muffin but I’ve been eating them plain.

String cheese, always.

Energy Balls – I’ve been making these on Sundays. I like Well Plated’s recipe and mix whatever I have on hand in!

Adding in full-fat Greek yogurt to my smoothies.

I’ve also been eating yogurt with my breakfast.

Whisps cheese crisps- these are SO GOOD too, I usually eat them as a ‘grab and go’ snack when I’m in the car but also use them in lieu of croutons on my salads.

And finally I’ve been adding hummus to my wraps when I make them for lunch!


Oooof, not a great topic friends! I’ve been talking about my hormonal acne on Instagram non-stop. I’ve yet to figure out a routine that works, maybe nothing will in the end!

Right now I’m not using any specific acne products aside from spot treatment. I’m using this Belli Spot Treatment that seems to be helping a little. I’m going to order these patches which are supposed to be amazing and come recommended from my friend Meg.

I’m also going to try to use a charcoal face soap a few times a week and see if that helps anything!

I’ve been trying to change my pillowcase at least once during the week, swap pillow sides and use a new washcloth every night, too!


Still living in leggings (these for around the house & these amazing Zella ones otherwise) honestly. I’ve been making getting dressed more of a priority though and now that I’m out of that awkward in-between phase and actually have a bump it’s been more fun.

I’ve been trying to share more of my style on my personal Instagram (check out my Bump Style highlight) and also included some new things from Amazon that I’ve been wearing (with photos) in this post.

I haven’t purchased anything maternity yet aside from this sweet top I look forward to wearing with skirts this spring.

What I’m Nervous About

Well, the fact that I’m halfway through this pregnancy and have not done a single thing to prepare really hit me over the weekend. Aside from all of the normal newborn preparations (check out this comprehensive 3rd trimester checklist here) we have a lot of other big LIFE changes to make.

We have to figure out how to fit 3 carseats in Austin’s new car and get a new car. Shop for new car seats and figure out a double stroller situation. We have to potty train Flora (more on that here), transition Flora to a toddler bed and move Flora into Piper’s room. Find a set of bunk beds. With that comes a slew of organizational things like combining dressers and closets and getting some systems in place. I’m SO glad we will have all summer to get into a groove before school starts in the Fall and Piper is in Kindergarten!

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Baby #3 20 Week Pregnancy Update!



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